At Wired Telecomm, Co., we aren't Telecom gurus or computer geeks; however, we are Telecom/IT professionals with a serious side when it comes to technology and telephone/computer repair.

In the industry since 1985, we have a solid reputation and hands on experience when it comes to diagnosing telephone and computer network issues and finding solutions that bring business back to the norm. Our clients are from shipyards to ships, small business to government offices and national accounts such as medical, restaurant and retail, just to name a few. Everyone on staff has their specialty but we also work in teams and with manufacturers - a benefit to clients. We manage to do jobs faster and ensure they are done right the first time, with a sense of urgency and client focus.


Telecom Professionals

Voice/Data Networks

Telephone systems

We speak plainly, are honest, and provide results that don't cost a fortune. Wether your location is a small office, large corporate headquarters, national or satellite offices. We provide on-site services, and remote services are available. We are better able to serve you and your schedule due to our large nationwide footprint.

Contact us at one of our locations to speak to one of our project managers with your telecom concerns or needs.

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